Thursday, December 18, 2014

Challenge #198

So I have been following "I am a Diva's" Weekly Zentangle Challenge (Here) and playing around for a while with it. I haven't wanted to show any cause I don't think they are as good as others I see and am just learning. Well this in one of the first ones I have felt like showing. :) So here is my entry in the weekly challenge. I hope I did ok. :)

This week #198 was Simplify:

I used Catapilla Legs, Jax and Hibred. I juggled with Simplify as a challenge and one day at work i had a real bad headache and just started doodling and this is what I came up with. :) I used a purple Varsity Pen and then just simple pencil shading.

I have found that doing this has really helped calm my brain some and help me detach from the world this makes sense. Thank you for the  challenges :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


So this little thing is what I have also been taking care of. :) One night at a friends house Roxy showed up and we got her to the vet and found her mom and got her back to her. Well long story short the mom gave her away again and poor Roxy baby got out again and got hit by a car. I received a call from the mom asking if we wanted her and we said yes. We thought we would get her well and adopt her out. Well now that is 6 months later and she is still with me. :) My best friend Jake and his family is going to keep her. :) I am so excited cause I have fallen in love with her. Here are some of the crazy world of Roxy photos from the last 6 months.

Poor little girl when she got hit by a car and it broke her leg. It was a clean break so they had to put a screw down her leg and wrap a wire around it to stabilize it. Pretty intense.
This is the day after surgery. Poor Baby, she had a ruff time with hurting and pain.

She developed a fluid sack on the top of the pin.

It was cold so she carried her blanket with her. we also put one of Jake's shirts on her.  She really did like it. 

She loves being outside helping daddy with the truck.

She is such a ham and loves to lounge around.

She isn't to sure about riding in cars or being around cars.

Pin removal surgery. Poor baby Now the real recover can begin.

Such an angel. I think I see some little horns. :)

She really does love her daddy.

An who could say no to this face. 

Been away but still creating. :)

So I have been away again for quite a while. But I have still been creating. :) Here are some things I have been doing.
Just a little flower cluster for a necklace.

This ornament cover I made for our local SPCA group to auction off at their fundraiser.

I made this pink ornament cover for a friends brother who was having their first baby girl :)

These two are works in progress right now. 

This is a little bity ornament.

This one I made for a friend of mine who was having an auction for Relay for Life.