Friday, February 27, 2015

Challenge #206

This weeks challenge on was interesting we were challenged to step out of our box and create with something we never have before. Watercolor, drawing program something out of the ordinary. So I decided on AutoCAD. :) Any of y'all that know me know I love AutoCAD. So I did a 8x8 tile and just played around with hatches and different tangle patterns. Hope ya like it.

Oh an p.s. Dad got to come home from the hospital. HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creation this weekend - dad update

Here is one i made this weekend while at the hospital with dad. He is doing ok right now. They are doing surgery today to take out temporary dialysis catheter and put in a more permanent one. He will then get to move to out patient dialysis and go from there. Thank you all for your continued prayers. I truly appreciate it. We still have a long road ahead of us but we will get there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Challenge 205

Well this weeks challenge is has to do with the Chinese New Year. Come to find out it is my year. :) So did some research and found this website. It said that my lucky colors were red, purple and brown. Best direction is North and flowers are Primrose. I saw some primrose this weekend and fell in love with the colors. So I tried to recreate it here.

Here is the challenge instructions:

Weekly Challenge #205: "Year of the Goat"
This Thursday is Chinese New Year, and in the Chinese Zodiac 2015 is the Year of the Goat (Or the Sheep, apparently... depending on which website you look at)

Here is my design.

I struggled to make so of it look the way i wanted it to but i do like how my flowers and leaves worked out.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Challenge 204

This has been a really ruff week for me with my dad being so sick. I haven't really felt like drawing or much of anything. BUT with things looking up and my brain working again i decided to draw something up. I have loved for year Celtic drawings and the way they weave in and out. I have recently reunited with a very old friend and we were talking the other night about how we are so entwined with each other and how we feel so at ease and connected with each other. I am truly blessed to have him back in my life and so grateful for him. So when i found this video of Celtic hearts it just screamed to me.

This weeks challenge is:

Weekly Challenge #204: "Valentangle"
I'm not sure who coined the term Valentangle, one of the other CZTs i think - but it's so cute. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner (HINT: it's Saturday) this week's challenge is to get into the Valentine's Spirit.  You can use a heart as your string, or tangle hearts, or use the colours red white or pink... whatever tickles your fancy!

So here is mine:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dad update

Dad was placed in the hospital yesterday to try and get some of the built up fluid off of him. They are not sure if he will have to have a shunt put in for dialysis or not but we will have to wait and see. Thank you all for your prayers for my dad I truly appreciate it. I will keep you all posted.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Prayers please

I am asking anyone that follows or looks at my corner to please say a prayer for my dad. Five years ago he had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery. Well from being diabetic and the heart problems his kidneys are in bad shape. We knew that at the time of his heart surgery and knew that one day they would get worse. He has held steady for 5 years now. But the time has come and he has had a drastic drop in function. He is retaining a lot of fluid and kidneys just cant get it off him. He has had a bad cough since October and just can get rid of it. Come to find out it is this fluid. They did a sonogram on him Friday and we are waiting on the phone call from the dr to tell us what the next step is. So if you could please take just a second and say a prayer for him i would greatly appreciate it. His name is David Gentry. Thanks and love and peace to you all.

My dad (left) and his best friend Dave

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Challenge #203

So this weeks challenge from the I am the Diva's blog here 

"Weekly Challenge #203: "UMT - Athitzi by Eleanor Holt"
this week's Use My Tangle challenge is brought to you by Eleanor Holt - and it is called Athitzi.  You can find the step outs for the tangle HERE.

I have to say I struggled with this one and started it over and over many times. Trying different things and different ideas. Finally while waiting for a meeting to start i started playing with this. I must say I am not completely happy with it and feel like something is missing. But I will stop :)

So here it is. :)