Monday, July 13, 2015

Whats been going on.

So last post I posted about Martin's death. Well i think it knocked me down more than I thought. Not to mention the kidney stone problem and then not even a week after Martin's death my great uncle Kent passed away very very suddenly. I have just been really lost and sad and in pain the last few weeks. Hopefully today I will get some answers on my kidney stone just really worried that either there isn't one or its something else. And if it is one that i will have to have surgery.

Then Saturday morning i decided why not add to it all. and caught my pinkie toe on the Sheetrock in the hall and broke my toe. :) Yup lets just add to it all. :)

On a positive note Dad's permanent port surgery went just fine. The only bad thing is they did not tell him they were gonna do a nerve block on his arm so when he woke up and could not feel anything he was really really scared. No we just wait for the two months for it to heal then they can start using it.

I found a couple new groups on facebook for Adult coloring. And that has really helped with everything the last few weeks. Since i really dont have a lot of brain function and trying to pick patterns for zentangle I have just been coloring. Some of the groups have some challenges so been doing those. Here is some of what I have been doing.

I did do one zentangle inspired drawing for the fourth of July. :)

For Asma's Coloring group she does a monthly color challenge and an Aroco color challenge. They are both really fun.

In this challenge the Asma posts 4 colors and then the next person has to to the selected drawing in those colors, that person the says four colors for the next person. We are all given the same drawing. This month there were two to choose from. When I got into it the colors were denim blue navy blue sky blue. So here is my entry:

I then decided to do another on and selected the neon pink, orange, red. After all the entries are in Asma put all of our names in the hat and draws a name. You only get one entry no matter how many you do. AND guess what i won this round. By winning you get a free book the Mrs. Asma had published. I am so excited to get the book and play with it.  Here is my second entry and this time i chose the more difficult pattern.

Every month Mrs. Asma also does a color challenge and you use one of her drawings ( you get to choose which one) and use the color pallet. Well here is the color palette and my entry for it. 

In another group I joined "Adult Coloring" they had a competition for the release of a new book that is coming out. I decided what the heck. Did something a little different with this one I saw a tip that said for back grounds use eye shadow. It is kinda hard to see here but the back ground is do with a light blue eye shadow, :)