Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wow what a wild ride lately

So definitely been a wild ride lately. On the day after Christmas Lubbock got 12" of snow. That is the 3rd largest snow fall for here. Largest since 1982. It was nuts. Was snowed in to the point i could not get my car out and was stuck for days. Luckily I had planned and Roxy and I were nice and safe. So did some coloring, watched some movies and then got a little cabin fever. :) It was so pretty though. Here are a few pictures:

Roxy wanted to play in it so bad but since breaking her leg the cold really get to her. So she would play for a couple minutes then want in to cuddle and be under the blankets with mommy:)

I have been beginning to feel better again and trying to start my weight lose again and hoping to do great at that this year. I have also been trying to do more with my craft work and even joined a great group called art abandonment on face book. Group can be found here. I am excited to get started and make some stuff. Back in November I went to our local Painting with a Twist with some Girl Scout friend and had a lot of fun. Here is what we painted:

That is 2nd row left (blue and white shirt) My mom is in the red shirt right below me. :)

So I decided to paint on some of the little 2.5" square canvas that I found at Walmart and maybe abandon those. :) We shall see. More to come on that. Here is my first one. :)

Well coloring wise I have been playing around with that to some. Did a nativity for mom for Christmas, and some others for gifts. Here are a few:

This one is for my Best friend Jake. But gonna redo cause got coffee split on it. I decided to stain the rest of it and kinda like it.

This one is also for Jake in memory of his little girl that was taken from this world way to soon. Her name was Carlie Rose Conley so I made this for him. Him and his mom both like it so much that they are considering getting it as a tattoo.

Moms Christmas present. When she opened it she cried and then latter noticed i missed a lady bug upper left had corner. AHhhh. ;) She collects Nativities so that is why I did this one.

So here are a few others I have done.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Whats been going on.

So last post I posted about Martin's death. Well i think it knocked me down more than I thought. Not to mention the kidney stone problem and then not even a week after Martin's death my great uncle Kent passed away very very suddenly. I have just been really lost and sad and in pain the last few weeks. Hopefully today I will get some answers on my kidney stone just really worried that either there isn't one or its something else. And if it is one that i will have to have surgery.

Then Saturday morning i decided why not add to it all. and caught my pinkie toe on the Sheetrock in the hall and broke my toe. :) Yup lets just add to it all. :)

On a positive note Dad's permanent port surgery went just fine. The only bad thing is they did not tell him they were gonna do a nerve block on his arm so when he woke up and could not feel anything he was really really scared. No we just wait for the two months for it to heal then they can start using it.

I found a couple new groups on facebook for Adult coloring. And that has really helped with everything the last few weeks. Since i really dont have a lot of brain function and trying to pick patterns for zentangle I have just been coloring. Some of the groups have some challenges so been doing those. Here is some of what I have been doing.

I did do one zentangle inspired drawing for the fourth of July. :)

For Asma's Coloring group she does a monthly color challenge and an Aroco color challenge. They are both really fun.

In this challenge the Asma posts 4 colors and then the next person has to to the selected drawing in those colors, that person the says four colors for the next person. We are all given the same drawing. This month there were two to choose from. When I got into it the colors were denim blue navy blue sky blue. So here is my entry:

I then decided to do another on and selected the neon pink, orange, red. After all the entries are in Asma put all of our names in the hat and draws a name. You only get one entry no matter how many you do. AND guess what i won this round. By winning you get a free book the Mrs. Asma had published. I am so excited to get the book and play with it.  Here is my second entry and this time i chose the more difficult pattern.

Every month Mrs. Asma also does a color challenge and you use one of her drawings ( you get to choose which one) and use the color pallet. Well here is the color palette and my entry for it. 

In another group I joined "Adult Coloring" they had a competition for the release of a new book that is coming out. I decided what the heck. Did something a little different with this one I saw a tip that said for back grounds use eye shadow. It is kinda hard to see here but the back ground is do with a light blue eye shadow, :) 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Challenge 222 - This one is for Martin.

Well yet another bad week around here. One of my dear friends Martin passed away suddenly this week. It caught me completely off guard. He was so young and will be deeply missed. Here is some pictures of Martin and his husband Bobby. So this week I dedicate this challenge to Martin. I am actually working on another piece to give to Bobby at some point. I still can not really wrap my head around the fact that Martin has left this world. God received an amazing angel and we got a great guardian angel. Martin will be truly missed everyday by a ton of people. I know I will never eat sushi again without thinking of him. He got me to try it for the first time. :)

PS If you have a second I could use some prayers. My dad is having surgery next monday (29th) to install his permanent port for his dialysis. So if you can I would really appreciate it.

 Bobby and Martin on their wedding day
 Martin's smile was always so infectious.

Weekly Challenge #222: "Colours of the Rainbow!"

This week the challenge is to use multi colours - use 'em if you got 'em! 

So in honor of Martin I drew this one up. I think it is missing something but just can decide what else to do. :) I hate when that happens.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Challenge 221 - For my dad (updated)

So I took last weeks challenge and got it framed for my dad for fathers day. I like it hope he does too. :) Just had to share. The gold in the frame really makes the owl look 3d and like i put gold in the wings. Its kinda cool in person. wish pictures did drawings justice.

So I did not like the glass cause it caused such a glare. So I went and got some new glass made for it and it really helped. :) Dad really liked it. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Challenge 221 - For my dad

Some weeks with this challenge I just cant seem to wrap my head around what I want to do. Nothing comes to me. Then some weeks I read it and BAM!! the idea comes right to me. This week was one of those weeks. I knew as soon as I read the challenge that I wanted to do something for my dad. He has had many many medical problems thru out his life and now is no exception. My father has been struggling the last few months with Kidney failure. He spent 5 weeks in the hospital back in November trying to jump start them and help them out. Well we hoped that the dialysis would be a temporary thing but alias it is not. We found out the first of May that they are not responding and that the dialysis will be permanent. He is scheduled the end of this month for a permanent port to be but in in his arm. I hate for him that it is permanent but at least i will still have my dad.

Weekly Challenge #221: "Beads of Courage" 

SO this week's challenge is to be inspired by Beads of Courage.  Here's last year's challengeif you want to get some ideas.  You could use beads as inspiration for your string, or for inspiration for your tangles, or perhaps you know someone who is being particularly strong and courageous right now and you may be inspired by them! 

So I choose to do something to represent my dad for this challenge. In boy scouts when you go thru what is called Woodbadge you are assigned into a group. Well my dad is an Owl. He has collected owls his whole life and so that immediately jumped into my head. So here is my drawing. I am truly pleased with how it came out. Hope you all like it. I know it is not tangled in the normal way we do but i used the principals I have learned to make it so hope it is ok for the challenge. I wish pictures and scans did the pieces justice. It is so 3d to me and I am really really happy with how it turned out.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Challenge #219

So this week the challenge was:

Weekly Challenge #219: "Straight Lines all the, times"

Today's challenge is a fun one.  The challenge is to use ONLY straight lines, and i found it particularly challenging.  I found it interesting to find a way to use the straight lines to create some movement in my tile.

So here is mine hope ya like it.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Challenge #218

So here is my weekly challenge tile. I love white on black but for some reason this one istruggled with an idea. I saw B'dylan the other day on line and like the simplicity of it and wanted to draw it. I thought it would look good on black. Then trying to figure out what else to do. :) So i started with bubbles just to play around. It is simple but i still like it. :)

Here were the instructions:

Weekly Challenge #218: "White on Black on Found"
This week's challenge is an option.
The challenge is to do a white on black tile or zentangle inspired piece of art - using a white pen on black paper.  HOWEVER, i know that not everyone has access to those art tools.  
So, there's also the option of creating a tangled piece on a found object instead or in addition to white on black.

personally, i love the look of the white on black tiles, but i never seem to have the patience for them because there's a lot more 'finessing' of the gel pens, i find.  It seems that the ink will flow better if you almost 'dab' the gel onto the page, and then move very slowly.  Which, in hindsight, may be a good thing when it comes to creating a tile.  I find the white on black to be quite challenging.

Hope ya like it.