Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Challenge 221 - For my dad

Some weeks with this challenge I just cant seem to wrap my head around what I want to do. Nothing comes to me. Then some weeks I read it and BAM!! the idea comes right to me. This week was one of those weeks. I knew as soon as I read the challenge that I wanted to do something for my dad. He has had many many medical problems thru out his life and now is no exception. My father has been struggling the last few months with Kidney failure. He spent 5 weeks in the hospital back in November trying to jump start them and help them out. Well we hoped that the dialysis would be a temporary thing but alias it is not. We found out the first of May that they are not responding and that the dialysis will be permanent. He is scheduled the end of this month for a permanent port to be but in in his arm. I hate for him that it is permanent but at least i will still have my dad.

Weekly Challenge #221: "Beads of Courage" 

SO this week's challenge is to be inspired by Beads of Courage.  Here's last year's challengeif you want to get some ideas.  You could use beads as inspiration for your string, or for inspiration for your tangles, or perhaps you know someone who is being particularly strong and courageous right now and you may be inspired by them! 

So I choose to do something to represent my dad for this challenge. In boy scouts when you go thru what is called Woodbadge you are assigned into a group. Well my dad is an Owl. He has collected owls his whole life and so that immediately jumped into my head. So here is my drawing. I am truly pleased with how it came out. Hope you all like it. I know it is not tangled in the normal way we do but i used the principals I have learned to make it so hope it is ok for the challenge. I wish pictures and scans did the pieces justice. It is so 3d to me and I am really really happy with how it turned out.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful owl. I'm sure your Dad will love it. I hope things go well for him and you too.

Anne's tangle blog said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your dad!!!