Monday, June 22, 2015

Challenge 222 - This one is for Martin.

Well yet another bad week around here. One of my dear friends Martin passed away suddenly this week. It caught me completely off guard. He was so young and will be deeply missed. Here is some pictures of Martin and his husband Bobby. So this week I dedicate this challenge to Martin. I am actually working on another piece to give to Bobby at some point. I still can not really wrap my head around the fact that Martin has left this world. God received an amazing angel and we got a great guardian angel. Martin will be truly missed everyday by a ton of people. I know I will never eat sushi again without thinking of him. He got me to try it for the first time. :)

PS If you have a second I could use some prayers. My dad is having surgery next monday (29th) to install his permanent port for his dialysis. So if you can I would really appreciate it.

 Bobby and Martin on their wedding day
 Martin's smile was always so infectious.

Weekly Challenge #222: "Colours of the Rainbow!"

This week the challenge is to use multi colours - use 'em if you got 'em! 

So in honor of Martin I drew this one up. I think it is missing something but just can decide what else to do. :) I hate when that happens.

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