Monday, August 16, 2010

Well guess I better start this off with the first ones I did a while back. I am a member of our local Gem and Mineral Society and we started a beading goup. The left bracelet is my first one in this pattern that Sharon taught us that afternoon. We try to meet oncea month and laugh and have a good time. The one on the right is one that I made for myself too. It is a pretty simple pattern to do. You can find a video on how to do it here:

I am also a memeber of the Beading Daily website and every once in a while we have swaps where we make stuff for each other. I made this for a lady named Lina on there. This is her pic of the one I made for her. I thought it turned out pretty.

More to come.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow it has been a while

Good grief it has been a while since I have been on here. Been so much going on too. Where to start where to start. Well I haven not been doing much tatting lately. Been drawn back into my jewelry and really enjoy doing that. Had a bad scare back in October with my dad and we almost lost him. He had to have a quad bypass and his diabetes has caused a lost of kidney damage so they started shutting down. Made it thru surgery and got to go home for about a week. then his body turned on him and he started retaining massive amounts of fluid. Congestive heart failure set and and we thought we were gonna lose him again. Went back in the hospital for a while. Now he is doing great. Stronger than ever, about 35 pounds lighter and blowing and a going. Well we also lost my grandmother recently. Her Alzheimer's became terrible and she finally went to be with GOD in June of this year. She was such a great lady and taught me sooooooo soooooo much. Many of the crafts and hobbies I do today are thanks to that lady. She never had a bad thing to say about anyone and loved everyone she met. For her funeral I made a video of her life and everyone really liked it. I know she would have too.

I have tried a couple of times and it wont upload the video. :(

Well enough of the sad for a bit. I have a new baby during the ordeal with dad a momma kitty in our back yard disowned one of her babies cause she was sick. Well we just could not have that so we took her in and started raising her. Had to bottle feed her and everything. She is so sweet and I love her to death.

Baby Pic:
Little older:

Now for fun things. I will slowly start posting my jewelery on here so that you guys can see what I have been up too. Talk to you guys soon and GOD BLESS ALL.